Yosemite Hike

June 5-9, 2004

Yosemite Valley - Vernal Falls - Nevada Falls - Little Yosemite - Half Dome - Sunrise Creek - John Muir Trail - Sun Rise High Sierra Camp - Cathedral Lakes - Tuolumne Meadows - Tenaya Lakes - Snow Creek Trail - Yosemite Point - Yosemite Falls - Yosemite Valley

The better photos on this page were taken by Jon Gair with his camera

View up the Merced river canyon

Rattlesnake near Vernal Falls

Vernal Falls

Whitewater at Vernal Falls

Water mist in the air

Dr. Jonathan Gair at Vernal Falls overlook

Ilya with orange hair

Vernal Falls from the side

Rainbow at the bottom

Nevada Falls

View of distant ranges

Games with purple light

Approach to Half Dome

Snow on the peaks

These are the forests primeval...

Cables up to Half Dome

Ilya the waterless

Jon the fearless

View from the top

Jon: now that I made it up here, how do I get down?!

Jon retraces steps

Strange undergrowth

Deer grazing (we saw a black bear nearby earlier)

Bird on ground, a.k.a. meaningless caption

First campsite, just past Half Dome turn-off

Jon the master chef (he really was quite good)

Ilya's back is back on the trail next day (we went off trail in the morning)

Headwaters of Sunrise Creek - probably hardest two hours of the hike

First snow on trail

Alpine meadows would be awesome if they weren't so wet...

Above 9,000 feet, there's lots of snow even in June

Trail ruts are troughs filled with melt-off

Sunrise meadow near Sunrise High Sierra Camp

Descending towards Cathedral Lakes

Another deer strikes a pose

Cathedral Lake with snow terraces in the background

Jon is looking for a dry campsite

That's not an easy task...

Our second campsite will have to be on rock ("Landscape with backpack and gloves")

It takes a long time to pump water with a broken water filter

An out-of-sequence picture of Tenaya Lake?

Ilya on snow

We turn off the JMT at Tuolumne Meadows

Fairview (?) Dome

Lunch break on day 3

You aren't getting any of this yummy sardine sandwich!

It gets colder in the afternoon

Tenaya Lake

Ilya on the shore

See previous caption

This is where we have to ford the Tenaya River: thigh-deep and icy cold

But some tiny stream further ahead has a nice wooden bridge...

Third campsite, fourth morning: tent after snowfall

How do we find the trail?

Jon cooks porridge

Are you ready? I am ready!

Descending towards Snow Creek

Small waterfall in the distance

Natural bridge

Jon is the Colossus straddling the path

Ilya on path to Yosemite Valley via Summit (?) Dome

Pine forest: we've turned back towards Yosemite Falls

Flower meadow above 7,000 feet

Forest becomes less dense as we approach Valley rim

Last lunch spot

First view of Valley in 3 days

Descent from Yosemite point

Half Dome on other side of Valley

Bridge over Yosemite River above Yosemite Falls

River approaching Falls

Section of river just above Upper Yosemite Falls

Whitewater at top of Falls

View from above onto river below Falls

Jon at look-out cage near top of Falls

Water plunges down

Rock face opposite

Jon loses beauty contest with rock face

Upper Yosemite Falls - view from side

This trail down killed my knee

Upper Yosemite Falls - view from bottom

Jon attempts to snap El Capitan as we drive past in dark

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