Mt. Whitney Hike

Septmeber 26-27, 2003

We arrive at Lone Pine on September 25 to pick up the permits; note where the "cloudy day" viewer is pointing

Jonathan Gair and Alejandro Jenkins - the optimist and the pessimist

Early morning on Friday, Sept. 26: Sung Byun and Thomas Schroder, who joined us from JPL

Sunrise in the shadow of Whitney

The first of many beautiful mountain lakes (Lone Pine lake - thanks to Lee Kenyon for the correction)

Around 7 AM; the ridge is basked in sunlight, but the gulch is still dark

Sung is happy at Outpost Camp (this is long before his shoe sole fell off...)

Mirror lake through the pines

Mirror Lake, about 8:30 AM

This is what things will look like once we pass the timber line

Trail Meadow

First glimpse of dirty snow (there was very little along the trail)

Solar-powered toilet at Trail Camp, 9 AM

Fortunately, this is not our route

Ice along the 99 switchbacks (I counted 96; Jon said there were 98)

This picture thought it would look better inverted

A very odd ice stalagmite

Water fills the calderas

11 AM: I made it to Trail Crest

So did Jon; the others are a bit behind

A spire near Trail Crest

Getting close...

Backpacks need a break, too

12:40 - the top is in sight! (and Jon the marathoner is already there)

I sign in at the register

Just in case you didn't believe me...

The inside of the hut at the top

According to the plaque, I am at 14,496 feet (4316 m)

The top itself is fairly flat

Sweaty clothes are drying in the sun

Foreign landscape - view from the top

Geo marker - at the special request of Shane Larson

Don't use Dr. Scholl's blister treatments before a hike - they make things worse

Jon was to regret carrying a hat and sunscreen to the top without putting them on...

People who didn't forget their cell phones boast from the top

Time to happily relax

The bird shares my view

Even Alejandro is happy

Alejandro at the marker

Ilya, Jon and Alejandro

I try to do a handstand so that my feet are above 14500; I fail, but Jon saves me from falling over

Reassuring note on the cabin door

On the way down - Alejandro trudges along

Just about the only things that grow at 12000 feet

We accidentally meet my freshman dorm neighbors from Stanford - Lawrence, Lee and Giathang

Moutain stream (start of Trail Meadow?)

Sunset in the shadow of Mt. Whitney

Nature's Impressionist painting

Sunstroke has removed the last vestiges of Jon's sanity

Alpine meadow - the last of Whitney

September 26 - we take the scenic route back, through Sequoia National Forest

Forest fires in Sequoia National Park; Whitney is in the background

Donal O'Connell and Ardis Eliasdottir are hiking up to the fire lookout at the top of Bald Mountain

On top of the fire lookout - sunburnt but happy

Disa, Donal and Jon - it's this dark so you can't see the ravages of sunburn

Group self-portait: reflection in Kern River

Giant sequoia

Walk of one hundred giants

Sunlight through the sequoias

Roots of a fallen giant

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