Pacific Coast Gravity Meeting

Salt Lake City, Utah, February 2003

Jonathan Gair, Linqing Wen and Frans Pretorius are skiing at Alta

Linqing is enjoying the view

Jonathan and Linqing getting ready to speed down

Mihai Bondarescu is showing off his downhill technique

Mihai and Jonathan are trying to avoid crossing their skis while doing the "plow"

As you can see by the snow on Jonathan's clothing, he occasionally fails

Lone skier in a bowl

Snow drifts in the late afternoon at the top

Mountains near I-80 west of Salt Lake City

Gigantic chimney

Teviet Creighton and Pu

Island in the Great Salt Lake

Yet more mountains

Great Salt Lake shoreline

Frans Pretorius is having trouble keeping his eyes open after the conference

Gift shop on a pond

We never quite figured out why this wagon was here

Same gift shop, different angle

Nests under the roof

The sun shines over the Great Salt Lake

An architectural marvel

Investigating the tracks

The sun also lowers

Pu's reflection

Bird tracks under water

A natural Japanese sand garden

Island during sunset

The last rays

I am exhausted

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