TAPIR East Fork hike - June 8-9, 2003

Uphill group: Mike Kesden, Jonathan Gair, Rafael Araya, Milos Milosavljevic, Eric Agol (Ilya is filming)

Jon Gair is ready to go!

The beginning of the hike, near Heaton Flat

A lizard taking a break in the sun

Mike, doing the same

An old bridge with a few gaps - back when there were bridges...

We saw a rattlesnake later on, but I was too busy pulling yuca needles out of my shoe to film it

Coming up on the first of many river crossings

The East Fork river

This is the last "sign" we would see on Saturday

The canyon narrows

Small whirlpool

Eric contemplates the trail ahead

Milos takes the safest route across, even if it's a bit wet

No, it's not a bomb - it's David's solar battery

The camp of a six-year veteran goldminer

The tent is camouflaged to hide it from ranger helicopters

The blue shimmer inside is the solar-powered TV

David describes being bitten by a scorpion

One of the few stable rocks on this part of the trip

Ilya takes a self-portrait

We come across a campsite when we take a wrong turn at Iron Fork

A picturesque backpack

Back on the East Fork past Fish Fork, we meet Peter Goldreich's group

The downhill group: Naoki, Alison, Bob, Peter, Susan, Margaret and Cathy join us for a photo

High up Mine Gulch - this is where we had to camp for the night (we misunderstood Peter's directions)

At 7 AM the next morning, we finally found the trail to Vincent Gap

Just a few minutes afterwards, the rescue helicopter lands nearby

Jon is amused by being flown in the helicopter

The chopper takes off after leaving us in the Vincent Gap parking lot

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