Santa Anita Canyon Hike

Feburary 7, 2003

Jonathan Gair stares at the Sturtevant Falls

A picturesque tree in the dim canyon

Not quite sure which way is up here...

Water, water everywhere. And lots of drops to drink!

Yes, there is water in Southern California... occasionally

Jon is towered over by Margaret Pan

Alison Farmer is taking a break

Alsion has been persuaded to remove sunglasses

Ilya is his usual well-groomed self

Thinking about the deep mysteries of the universe...

Jon got the munchies

Modeling agencies, here I come!

Alison took over the camera... film Jon throwing acorns at me

I am trying to look sentient...

...which, apparently, amuses Margaret

Jon found either a supernova or a stripper

A rare moment: Alison has been persuaded to smile

Umm... this isn't what it looks like...

Yes, stand far, FAR away... Much better

Alison tries to squash me like a bug...

...but, by a titanic effort, I just manage to save myself

So many cacti to fall on... how do I pick one?

Neat tree. Reminds me of рябина

But it's next to a yuca... Ahh, well, California

We follow the upper trail on the way back

Alison is shoving the yuca tree over the edge

The hills are alive with the sound of music

Can't you leave the poor yuca alone?!

Charades: guess what English playwright Jon is showing

Alas, poor Yorick! I knew him, Horatio.

Famous last words: I am a professional sword-swallower

It's a hedgehog! It's a prickly pear!

No, it's apparently a hair decoration / torture device...

The great stone lizard

Tree on approach to Chantry Flat

Alison's violent tendencies are coming through

Jon and Alison invent a new brand of scrable at my apartment

We'll just blame this on British humor, not on Russian "Балтика"

Alison Farmer. Wood and ink on wood. Courtesy of Metropolitan Museum of Art.

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