Grand Canyon and Zion

May 9-12 2004

Kaibab National Forest, near the North Rim

Ilya and Paul ready to go


First view of the GC


Near the start of the trail

Fantastic scenery

Coconino overlook

View back to the North Rim

The trail

Supai tunnel

The road ahead

Jon and Paul in the tunnel

Ilya and our trail stretching into the distance

Rafa and Ilya stride on

A bridge

View back again

View from the bridge - where's the water?

Not a place for people with vertigo

Some rocks

Rafa's hat blew away close to here. He didn't go after it!

Roaring springs

And again

A lizard. We saw a few like this

The desert stretches ahead

The heat is getting to me

Ribbon falls

That has to be the largest stalagmite I've seen

View through the falls

That's spray. Even I don't sweat that much...



The problem with digitial cameras... that you take too many...

...very similar...!

It was beautiful, but hot as hell

Some welcome shade at last

Bright Angel Canyon

Wouldn't want to be trapped here in a flash flood

Rafa pauses for a breather

Ilya needs some new sunglasses....

More shots from the Bright Angel Canyon


And again

Rafa rests

It seems the river may be just round the corner

Looking back

Ditto - very picturesque

At last the river!

They take mules across that....

Down the Canyon

The Colorado river

I can see why they don't like people ss\wimming

Ilya contemplates

The view was fantastic

Looking downstream

We leave the river behind

15 miles down...

..and 5 to go...uphill :(

Interesting fluid dynamics

The way back...

..and the way ahead

We leave the river behind

And start the uphill stretch

We have to go up that?

Daylight at Indian Garden campground

A beautiful place to camp

Our destination is in sight...allegedly!

Ilya (with hat)

Super-Ilya (no hat)

More views from the camp

..and more...

..yes you guessed it

The trail

Ilya sets out

The view back

We came up that trail last night

View south I

View south II

View south III

View south IV (sorry!)

The one and a half mile resthouse (toilet block....)

A stupid but sneaky squirrel


The hike was well worth these views

Although we didn't need to hike to get them

At the South Rim at last

Me at the Rim

Look at the striation

Or just appreciate the view!

Marble canyon (on the shuttle ride)

The view...

...from the North Rim...

..was even more...


Ilya at the North Rim

Jon at the North Rim

And now we're in Zion Canyon!

View from the campground in Zion


Impressive rock walls

And a lot greener than the GC

Nice views too

Some rocks

Ilya blocks my view....

Vistas in Zion I

Vistas in Zion II

Vistas in Zion III (blame digital technology...)

Vistas in Zion IV

Vistas in Zion V (sorry!)

More rock walls

On the emerald pools trail

The `Middle Emerald Pool'


And the same, from below

The `Lower Emerald Pool'

View from beneath the waterfall

Looking the other way

Across the canyon

Down the canyon

Jon in Zion

Ilya tries again...

..and again to perfect the shot!


More rocks

The `Weeping Rock'

This water is 1000 years old!

Ilya and the Great White Throne

View from Weeping Rock

The Great White Throne

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