July 17 - 28, 2004

Better pictures of same trip by Jon Gair may be found here

The river Liffey splits Dublin in two

South bank of Liffey

O'Connell street bridge

Grafton street: basically, a large shopping mall

Temple Bar area

Main gate of Trinity College, Dublin

St. Stephen's Green (city park)

Georgian houses south of city center

Heading towards University College

A strange modern sculpture at Trinity College

Jon Gair and Frans Pretorius on the Trinity campus

St. Patrick's Cathedral (Jonathan Swift was the Dean here)

Just another street to confuse those who drive on the right

Walkway in Dublin Castle

Ye Olde Parking lot in the Castle

Castle chapel

Lawn in front of Chester Beatty Library

More of same

Conference opening by Mary MacAleese, President of Ireland

GR-17 delegates

Stature of Larkin with Millenium Spire in background

Liffey at night

Most city buses are two-story affairs

Stephen Hawking with aide after his GR-17 lecture

Preskill, Hawking and Thorne following press-conference

This is now a museum

This building is already labeled quite clearly

Casks of the magic potion at the Guiness Brewery

The Brewery had old advertising posters on display

Another item from the exhibition

View of the town from the top floor of the Guiness Brewery

At 7 stories, brewery is one of the tallest buildings in town

The older brewery building below

Birds over Dublin

Gravity Bar - best Guiness in the world (it's at the source!)

Andrew Nolan (Donal O'Connell's former student) with sailor statue

Anglo-Irish Bank buildings

Amnesty International sculpture

Jon Gair and Mike Kesden at a bar below O'Connell train station

This street in Ballsbridge was full of embassy buildings

Jon at the Mermaid

Frans with his appetizer

Ilya and Mrs. O'Connell, who took us to this excellent eatery

The stone age tomb at Knowth

Ilya emerges from underground escape route of a medieval house

Passageway into Knowth burrial chamber

Megalithic art at Knowth

Reconstructed temple

View of Boyne Valley

Ilya with River Boyne in the background

This speaks (or screams?) for itself

The town of Drogheda

A few picturesque cottages

St. Mary's bridge in Drogheda

Umm... flowers?

Drogheda with old tower in background

A pond in Connemara (west coast of Ireland, north of Galway)

A donkey grazes in Connemara

This rural area is so picture-perfect that Potemkin villages come to mind

Jon on a bike - that's how we got around here

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