Caltech Friends: June - October 2002

Donal O'Connell

Ben Toner

Tanya Apine (well, she's not really a Caltech person :) )

Ben, Ilya and Donal (hiking through San Gabriel mountains with Tanya)

Same hike, June 1, 2002

More posturing

Solar eclipse on the beach, June 10, 2002

Alejandro Jenkins, Ardis Eliasdottir, Ben and Donal argue about how to best view the eclipse

Alejandro, Ben, Disa, Mihai Bondarescu, Donal

Lights, camera, action

Disa is munching, as usual

Ah, the tranquil waves

Yes, Donal is the one remaining Neanderthal

Although Mihai also wants that title...

Give me my watermelon NOW!

Ben is elaborating on the fine points of photographic art

That's what a year at Caltech does to the best of them

Donal's Mum, Donal and Disa on Mount Whitney, October 10, 2002

Still there

I'm thinking of the vagaries of life, particularly the misfortune of having to shave... Nah!

The mountain air is good for the squirrels

Donal's mother is off and running

Donal and Mrs. O'Connell

Ben Toner and Graeme Smith dress up for Caltech's October 31, 2002 Halloween Party

Ben apparently campaigns for Donal's election as Lisa Tracy looks on

Ben and Lisa make a lovely couple

Ben the aspiring politician

Lisa the call girl beckons

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